Corporate Governance

SEG is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. Leadership in governance begins with our senior management group. Their purpose is to maximize long-term economic value for the group. The executive team advises management in developing financial and business goals and oversees all public disclosures and processes.

SEG management respects the processes in place to support informed business decisions accountable to stakeholders, customers and employees. It is internationally acknowledged that good governance has a positive impact on the performance of companies and enables them to move into the next phase of the business life-cycle

  1. Integrating the strengths of family knowledge and business to deliver better ROI.
  2. Improving customer relationships through effective communication and superior customer service.
  3. Supporting growth and business diversification through collaborative business approach.
  4. Managing ownership and leadership transitions.
  5. Developing the next generation of stakeholders, leaders, managers and business associates.