LV Switchgear

Since starting operations, SEG’s Switchgear Division has been making excellent strides in delivering quality Low Voltage Switchgear Panels under an authorized panel builder agreement with ABB, L&T and Legrand. All our panels are backed by international warranties offered by our principal and partners worldwide.

As a leading and established manufacturer and supplier for a wide range of LV Distribution Panels, our Switchgear Manufacturing division caters to a vast array of commercial, residential, industrial and infrastructure sectors where the need for safe and reliable power supply solutions are paramount. The division houses a state-of-the-art, well-equipped facility with a highly experienced staff committed to providing switchboards of excellent quality, specifically engineered to the client’s requirements.

The essence of the division’s success lies in the expertise of a fine team of professionals, strong relationships with associates, the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently – all supported with the vision to think ahead.

 • Certified for ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001

• ASTA certified for 400A, 800A, 1200A, 1600A, 2500A & 4000A

• Dedicated Sheet Metal Facility to back LV Panel assembly

• Qualified 100+ technical staff responsible for timely deliveries.