Medium Voltage

SEG provides complete solution for Medium Voltage Switchgear products. The product range are up to 13.8 KV. These includes Ring Main Units (RMU), AIS and GIS Switchgear, Medium Voltage Drive up to 11 KV, Solution to start Medium voltage motor up to 13.8 KV. All the products are completely Type Tested as per IEC standards. Brief detail about MV motor starters is stated below.

SEG partner Aucom known for flexibility and engineering skill are recognized as the world leading specialist in softstarters. Aucom MV Softstarter is accredited to ISO9001:2000 with all products designed and tested to International standards.(IEC 60947-4-2, IEC 62271-200, UL 508,CCC and CISPR).

Its Data logging system (SD Card in Controller) wherein the complete start, stop, running of MV Softstarter is logged on to the SD Card in form of Graph. Complete isolation between MV and LV compartment. Specially designed complete withdraw-able SCR Stack unit. Ease Low voltage motor test.

The extensive use of motors throughout industry has enabled AuCom engineers to develop an enviable base of specialist motor control and protection knowledge in a wide range of industries such as pumping, mining, petrochemical, water and waste water, metals, marine, pulp and paper, manufacturing, and HVAC.

It has extensive MV Softstarter having Voltage Range from: 2.3kV – 13.8kV .Current Range: Up to 1600 A. Apart from MV Softstarters, we do have wide range of Auto Transformers and DOL Starters up to 13.8 KV. 

Medium Voltage Softstarter
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