Quality Manufacturing Approach

We know our customers rely on our careful attention to quality. We take full accountability for quality assurance to ensure that every part meets our customers’ specifications. SEG approach to quality is two-pronged: our people and our processes. SEG has a team of trained engineers that are deployed on the shop floor to monitor our customers’ orders which are being manufactured. Our team manages the factory’s processes and controls the finished goods.

Our process consists of the use of the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control) continuous improvement cycle as the core of our quality activities. We thrive in this demanding environment with painstaking attention to every phase of production. At SSGM a formal ISO Certified quality control team monitors every production process, but all employees consider quality to be a personal responsibility.

Our manufacturing approach encompasses:

  • Qualification and audit of all suppliers
  • Stringent workforce training programs
  • Traceable material
  • In-process monitoring that is the most rigorous quality control management in the industry

Defined final acceptance tests and tolerances for all finished switchgear panel stand Regulatory requirements, to ensure that Customers receive exceptional Quality product & services.